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Remove Blocks ~ Feel Your Energy Flow ~ Release Pain ~ Detoxify Your Soul

Description   Reiki is the Japanese art of hands on healing.  Reiki healing is a technique where the Reiki practitioner activates the healing process and re-establishes balance and harmony through the body, mind and spirit.

Reiki enhances natural healing, decreases anxiety, tension and muscle strain. Reiki aids in  relieving grief, loneliness and depression. Promotes healing from injuries and surgeries, it also diminishes side effects of chemo and radiation. It improves sleep, overall well being and helps reduce pain, emotional and physical.

Clients leave feeling lighter, relaxed and have a sense of being grounded. It is recommended to drink lots of water after your treatment and try to avoid strenuous activity.

At least 3 Reiki sessions are recommended for real breakthrough healing.

One Session: $75 Session || Three Sessions: $195

Distance Reiki

Distance reiki also known as “absent treatment” provides individuals with Reiki treatments without having  to meet in person. A Reiki practitioner can perform your Reiki treatment remotely using your contact information and a photo. I know this may sound a little skeptical, I thought so too but after receiving and administering distance reiki I was an instant believer.

Schedule a time with Lisa to discuss what your needs are and a specific time and date to schedule the session.

One Session: $75 Session || Three Sessions: $195


*Please note: appointments not cancelled 24 hours in advanced will be charged