"In one conversation Lisa empathized and helped me overcome my anxiety, I had the 1st of many aha moments. Lisa literally saved my life in every way. She listens, she understands, and she has a gift of healing the deepest and darkest parts of our mind, body, and spirit through yoga, reiki, and health coaching."

- Megan



"The 22 day detox has made me aware of what I intake everyday, mind, body and spirit.  Journaling everyday has opened my eyes and has allowed me to take a deeper look at myself. I feel more energetic and alive, I sleep better, and I never feel bloated. I feel amazing!"

- Teresa



"My biggest take away from the detox has to be that when you do the work to clear "the junk" it makes it possible to look inside and see the life you've always dreamed of. Lisa put together a TERRIFIC program that I will recommend to anyone that isn't living their best life, because we ALL deserve it!"

- Jody



"Lisa is a pint-sized lady with a huge presence... she creates a challenging class every week, but with her energy and guidance, I make it throug and do things I never thought I would be able to do. She is inspiring and real."

- Tina



"The 22 day Mind Body Spirit detox has helped me more than you'll ever know. I'm more conscious and aware of what I'm putting in my body and by journaling, I was able to see what I was eating and how I was really feeling. Thank you again, Lisa, for all your guidance and having this 22 day Mind Body Spirit for people like me. I really needed to improve my lifestyle, and I DID!!!"

- Penny


"Lisa is a truly amazing woman who I have also come to call a friend! She has a true passion for helping others to be the best version of them."

- Terra


"The 22 Day Mind Body Spirit detox helps clean out your digestive system, your consciousness and other attachments you may have in life. I’ve learned how to eat right, live right and make better decisions in life! Lisa and friends help with their life stories, support, instruction and yin (style of yoga) to help release body, mind and spirit."

- Samuel


"From an experienced yogi junkie that has taken many classes for years, some of my favorite ones were by instructor, Lisa Gianvito. In her presence, and the energy she exudes, you will feel her love and passion for yoga and health. With that, she provides a safe and satisfying space, allowing you to have your best practice. Wherever you are in your practice, whether a beginner or advanced yogi, you leave her classes feeling clear in mind, wrung out and refreshed in body, and enlightened in spirit."

- Kari

Kick Start:

"My mind needed a kick start and Lisa was able to expose the link that lead me to overeating and poor food choices! Three years later and I have kept off the weight. Life is fantastic now. I am down 33 pounds and 5 dress sizes smaller, my joints don't ache as much, my blood work results have improved and I'm more active. I'm happy and so are my doctors. Working with Lisa was one of my best life decisions!"

- Jenifer


"I brought to balance, with Lisa's guidance, all of life's punches and joys. She was the perfect neutral personality for some very serious events swimming around me. Friends and family often are either judgemental or too nurturing. Lisa was neither! And for me, perfect. I cherish the books she had me read, the myriad of yummy recipes she offered and the kick in the keister I needed on occasion. (Well maybe often). The little treasures she offered for a visual focal point throughout the week kept me focus. It's three years later....I'm living in one of my goal destinations, in a little house, with a big world awaiting! Lisa ROCKS!"

- Louis


"Through a Vinyasa practice, Lisa reintroduced yoga into my life. Her calm, peaceful, flowing sessions allow my body, mind and soul to wake up and take notice of the world around me. For thirteen years, I have had the pleasure of watching her sessions blossom."

- Sharon


"Lisa started teaching yoga at a very challenging time in my life. Invited by a dear friend of ours, I took a series of classes. I not only watched Lisa evolve into a truly fearless, opened, grounded and inspirational teacher but what she taught me was LIFE changing. Still on the mat with her taking classes every time I am able and she never stops amazing me."

- Cindy


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