About your teacher:

Lisa Gianvito

The catalyst for Lisa’s commitment to health and organic lifestyle began in 1994 in her first yoga class.

Lisa suffered from anxiety and panic attacks, and after trying many different avenues to find a sense of peace within, she was encouraged by a therapist to try yoga. Lisa has never looked back; it has become not only her passion but her true saving grace.

Lisa is on a mission to help people understand anxiety and panic attacks offering support through encouraging and inspirational classes.

She completed her training with Chelsea Roff on Yoga, Food and Body Image. Lisa also incorporates her  love of Kundalini, Hatha, Restorative and Yin Yoga to her classes.


Individualized Practice

Group classes not working with your schedule? Need to customize your lessons? Prefer practicing in your own home with your own playlist, or lack thereof? This is probably the best option for you.


Private Lessons

Practicing with a teacher privately allows you to tailor your session to your specific needs, such as health concerns, injuries and emotional issues. 

Lisa has studied and worked with numerous clients dealing with anxiety and panic attacks.

If you are new to yoga, private lessons can also help you build a strong foundation and help your confidence before attending a group class.

Having a teacher customize your practice gives you the space and time to gain greater understanding of what you need and what would benefit you most.


One Session: $65.00 || Three Sessions: $165


Small Group

Fitness is always more fun with a friend!

Duet or small group (up to 5) sessions are a fun, affordable way to personalize your practice, while still getting more individualized attention than in a classroom setting. Motivate each other to enjoy and laugh through your practice. De-stress and enjoy some social time, with specialized attention to your group needs.



Through a Vinyasa practice, Lisa reintroduced yoga into my life. Her calm, peaceful, flowing sessions allow my body, mind and soul to wake up and take notice of the world around me. For thirteen years, I have had the pleasure of watching her sessions blossom.
— - Sharon