As a life/health coach, I'm here to help you deal with the issues and concerns that pop up in your life, and I'll determine the proper strategy and guidance you need.

I am an excellent motivator and I will be your biggest cheerleader while holding you accountable (that part is really important).

I have discovered through my health/life coaching that I am very passionate about supporting you where you are and also providing you with tools that you can continue to use beyond our time together.

+I'll help you set realistic goals and watch in awe as you accomplish them!

+I have guided people to uncover what is really holding them back from living the life they always dreamed of.

+I have coached clients to lose weight and have a better understanding of nutrition, health and wellness.

+I truly love watching you conquer your fears, uncover your passions and pursue your dreams.

I am ready to take you to the next level!

One Session 75 min. $100 || Three Sessions  $275

I was brought to balance, with Lisa’s guidance, all of life’s punches and joys. She was the perfect neutral personality for some very serious events swimming around me. Friends and family often are either judgemental or too nurturing. Lisa was neither! And for me, perfect. I cherish the books she had me read, the myriad of yummy recipes she offered and the kick in the keister I needed on occasion. (Well maybe often). The little treasures she offered for a visual focal point throughout the week kept me focus. It’s three years later....I’m living in one of my goal destinations, in a little house, with a big world awaiting! Lisa ROCKS!
— - Louis