I was Challenged and here are my answers.

I recently shared with a friend that I hired a business coach. Her response, “Why would you hire business coach?” “Well,” I responded, “The same reason people hire me to coach them, whether it be yoga, life, health or all of the above.”
I was overwhelmed and didn’t know what I was doing. I felt stuck and let’s be honest, I’m not techie! I needed support, direction, to be held accountable and someone that could advise me on newsletters, websites, blogs, photographs and social media… all of the things I’m not yet comfortable with regarding my business. I have learned over the years to teach and do what I know and to know and teach what I do because anything else is just bullshit! I have so many ideas and goals and I don’t know how to bring them to fruition because I don’t have the techie skill set needed. I did a lot of research asked a lot of questions and I found Meg Witt. Meg is the owner and creator of The Upspeak Collective. After spending time chatting with Meg, I knew that she was the one that I needed to help me get unstuck, challenge me, hold me accountable and guide me to move forward.

In addition, I recently decided to do Meg’s 30 Day Challenge called “The Girlboss Challenge”. It’s a free inspirational challenge that helps you focus on ending the year strong. We are all supporting each other on social media with the hashtag #endtheyearlikeagirlboss

One part of the challenge is to write a blog post and a newsletter each week. Let me be honest with you again, that freaked me out a little bit because what am I supposed to write about? I don’t know about you, but I’m very uncomfortable writing about myself. It just feels weird. I am definitely not a person to not follow through with what I start out to do, so here it is. Blog Post #1:

Most days you can find me… on my meditation cushion, yoga mat, on my patio (if it’s nice out) or in my office drinking my water, tea or green juice with my sweet dog Lucia.

I am mostly known for… my ass-kicking Hot Power class on Saturday mornings @3sisters but I believe in balance, Yin/Yang, so I teach what people refer to as a deep mental therapy Yin class on Monday evenings also @3sisters. Oh and I can’t forget, I love to organize vegan foodie outings around the Cleveland area for my friends.

People often refer to me as… honest/trustworthy, a good friend, reliable, their coach/teacher

I love serving the world by… sharing my knowledge with anyone who wants/needs it, supporting people on their journey to health and wellness and living from a place of true intention

The things I am most passionate about are… healthy eating/lifestyle, yoga/meditation, teaching and practicing yoga, supporting people to be the best versions of themselves

When I am not busy, you can find me… golfing with my wonderful husband, lunching with friends or sitting outside with a great book and my dog Lucia

Thank you so much for taking the time to read a little about me. I appreciate you and I hope we get to connect soon!

If you are struggling, feeling stuck, dealing with anxiety, or just feel that you need a change, I’m your girl! Let’s get together and create a plan that feels good and moves you in the direction to accomplish your goals.
For taking the time to read my blog challenge, I am offering you a 75 min coaching call for only $75 
Reg. $100 

Lisa Gianvito